Facebook Introduces Telco Outcome Measurement To Help Telecommunications Firms Analyze Their Ad Campaigns

By David Cohen 

Facebook continued its efforts to help advertisers move beyond existing metrics and gain a true picture of their return on investment with Thursday’s introduction of a tool designed for telecommunications carriers and operators, Telco Outcome Measurement, pointing out in a post on its Facebook for Business page that its measurement team found that 90 percent of people who made purchases after seeing ads on the social network never actually clicked on the ad, and saying the new tool is a way to bridge that gap.

Telco Outcome Measurement taps into the aggregate, anonymous data Facebook possesses about users’ devices, operating systems, and carriers, enabling telecommunications companies to establish test and control groups with the aim of determining how ads on the social network lead to actions such as users switching devices or carriers.

Facebook said Telco Outcome Measurement can provide insights on ROI, differences in adoption rates of devices or carriers by demographic groups, and the types and frequency of ads that deliver the best results.

The social network added that its initial usage of Telco Outcome Measurement showed that ads for telecommunications carriers and operators that appeared in desktop News Feed were seven times more effective than right-hand-side ads, and furthermore, mobile ads were nine times more effective than desktop ads.

Telco Outcome Measurement is currently available to telecommunications companies in nine countries, including the U.S., and the social network said it would expand availability of the tool throughout the rest of the year.

Facebook said in the Facebook for Business post:

Eager to better understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on Facebook, carriers and operators in the telecommunications industry were interested in developing a measurement tool that went deeper than the traditional success metric in digital marketing — clicks.

Although clicks can be an effective indicator of interaction with Facebook content, they are less useful for linking digital impressions to in-store sales. In fact, our measurement team found that in telecommunications campaigns, more than 90 percent of people who made a purchase after viewing an ad on Facebook had never clicked on that ad.

With Telco Outcome Measurement, we’re able to help our partners see far beyond clicks — to actual sales.

We designed Telco Outcome Measurement with privacy top-of-mind. No information about an individual user or an individual user’s identity is ever provided; the information we offer to our partners is delivered in an aggregated, anonymous sales lift report.

And Head of Measurement and Insights Brad Smallwood told Reuters:

We have the ability to understand how the ads actually influenced the device that somebody had, and all of that data sits within Facebook.

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