Teen’s Mobile App Earns Facebook Internship Offer, But She’s Undecided

By Justin Lafferty 

A California teenager created a mobile app for The Home Depot, won $10,500 in a contest, and impressed a Facebook official enough to earn an internship with the company. However, Business Insider reports that the recent high school graduate is so heavily recruited that she’s weighing her options.

Nive Jayasekar, 17, entered a contest to design a project organizer app for Home Depot, which would be used on Windows Phones. She was attracted to the contest during the Big Brand Hackathon for the prizes, but she ended up walking away with an offer to be a Facebook intern. There were actually two categories for the contest — an app for the novice gardener and an app for green thumbs.

She swept both categories with her one app.

Jayasekar presented her app at the Social-Loco Conference earlier this month. Luckily, she was speaking before Emily White, Facebook’s director of mobile partnerships, was due to take the stage. The two talked and White was so impressed that she offered Jayasekar an internship with Facebook.

White told attendees of the conference:

Nive is amazing and I’m going to be working for her someday.

But even with the high praise, the Carnegie Mellon University-bound teen is weighing her options, saying that the recruiting process is still going on.

Readers: What would you do if you were in Jayasekar’s shoes?

Image courtesy of Business Insider.