Report: Facebook Testing Targeted Ads Based On Users’ In-Store Purchases

By David Cohen 

Facebook is testing a new type of targeted advertising that will allow brands to market to users based on items they have purchased in stores, and it teamed up with data providers Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix on the trial, according to a report in Ad Age.

Ad Age reported that the ad targeting will be conducted with anonymized matching of loyalty-program members and Facebook users through email addresses and phone numbers, with that information having been collected when users signed up for loyalty programs.

Examples of how it could work, according to Ad Age: Coca-Cola could target teenagers who have purchased soda during the past month, or Pampers could target North Carolina residents who have recently bought baby products.

Ad agency OMD is participating in the ongoing beta test, according to Ad Age, and Colin Sutton, its social media director, told the magazine he was enthusiastic about the potential of being able to tie together offline sale and Facebook ads, as well as the specific targeting that would be possible, adding:

Our CPG (consumer packaged goods) clients can begin to micro-target specific sets of consumers based on their in-store activity and buying behaviors and customize the messaging.

MEC Senior Director for Audience Buying Tousanna Durgan chimed in, as well, telling Ad Age:

Because of the recency and accuracy of Facebook, the likelihood of seeing the whole population throughout your campaign is greater.

And MEC Social Lead Kristine Segrist added:

Facebook’s challenge is going to be breaking down the process in ways that are simple to understand and fostering confidence that this powerful data can be handled in a responsible way.

Readers: Do you think this type of targeted advertising would be successful on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.