StumbleUpon Upgrades App For Facebook Timeline

By David Cohen 

StumbleUpon became the latest application to stumble upon Facebook’s timeline and upgrade to take advantage of its capabilities.

The timeline-upgraded StumbleUpon app follows the patterns of other apps that have integrated the new layout, grouping together StumbleUpon activity, including likes and interests, channels, or Stumblers being followed.

StumbleUpon said users’ permission is required to activate its new app, which can be done through its settings page. Users will be prompted to log into Facebook if they have not already done so, and then they must check the box for “Add my activity to Facebook timeline.”

A post on the StumbleUpon Blog offered more details:

What you do on StumbleUpon says a lot about you. Your likes and interests reveal the things in life you’re most passionate about, and the Stumblers you follow represent both your friends in the real world and people sharing your interests in the StumbleUpon community.

All of this information can be brought to life with the new StumbleUpon Facebook app, which features improved integration to Facebook timeline.

As with your other timeline apps, your StumbleUpon activity will be published to your timeline in a more streamlined format, so it’s easier for your Facebook friends to view and stay up-to-date on what you’re interested in. Rather than being displayed one at a time, your likes will be grouped together. We’ll also post updates when you follow a new interest, channel, or Stumbler.

Readers: How many of you used the previous StumbleUpon app for Facebook?