StumbleUpon: Where Should You Share? [Infographic]

By Kenna McHugh 

StumbleUpon is a platform that specializes in social sharing as a service. The infographic in this article delineates underlying causes and reasons for StumbleUpon’s continued presence as a sharing service in a field of competitors like Facebook, Twtiter, Reddit and Youtube.

The platform actually places itself above the rest of its competitors, indicating StumbleUpon is the only platform that is truly driving users to different sites. The infographic indicates the platform “drives over 50 percent of the social media traffic in the United States.”

It explains in detail why their numbers are so high. The explanation is shown using the lifecycle of a web page in StumbleUpon, “especially how long you could expect the average web page to keep getting visitors.”

After looking over this infographic, you may notice that the information does not coincide with other web tracking platforms such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, Yahoo! Web Analytics and CoreMetrics.

StumbleUpon explained in their blog, “It’s because these platforms assign a ‘zero’ time-on-site to all single-page visits, regardless of how long those visitors spend on that one page. Since our community relies on us to help them explore the web by simply clicking the ‘Stumble!’ button – as opposed to navigating on their own by clicking links on a page – true time-on-site for StumbleUpon referrals is significantly underreported by analytics packages relative to other referrers.”