StumbleUpon Gets All Dressed Up for Windows 8

By Devon Glenn 

StumbleUpon has created a discovery app that’s compatible with the new Windows 8 tablets and PCs, the company announced today. Much like the newly revamped website, this version is designed to be better-looking and more social.  (We’re not sure if it’s single, but we can ask if you’d like.)

StumbleUpon appears in the live tiles on the front page of Windows 8 for instant access to the recommended content. Inside the app, there’s a full-screen view that hides the commands for easier browsing and a multi-tasking function called “Snap View” that lets users Stumble alongside another open application.


As for social features, the new StumbleUpon makes use of the Charm bar, the universal toolbar of Windows 8, where users can share their Stumbles and Likes with other Share-enabled Windows 8 apps. Just like the desktop version, users can also follow their friends’ interests and other trending topics.

“The dynamic, visually-rich interface and interaction model of the Windows 8 operating system are a natural fit with StumbleUpon, which aims to bring surprise and fun to the experience of finding great stuff on the web,”  said Cody Simms, VP of product at StumbleUpon. “Microsoft Corp. has created an environment that enables the user to enjoy all of the amazing content that the Web has to offer and we are excited to be a part of this.”