Streamys May Put Internet Productions in the Mainstream

By Kenna McHugh Comment

The Streamy Awards will return for a third year thanks to a very bankable production company – Dick Clark Productions. DCP’s production record is noteworthy for producing the Golden Globe Awards, American Music Awards and other awards programs. DCP will work with the original production company — Tubefilter. Tubefilter has had some ups and downs with the Streamys. So much so, it was looking pretty grim if Streamys would see another year.

Now that the ups and downs are behind us, DCP has some big plans for the two-year old franchise. According to Variety, the company is currently looking for a TV home for the event and some if not all of the Streamys will be located online.

“The goal is to create another franchise along the lines of our American Music Awards or the Academy of Country Music Awards,” said Ariel Elazar, VP of digital distribution and brand licensing at DCP. “I believe in it.”

Tubefilter owns the rights to the Streamys, and Drew Baldwin, co-founder of Tubefilter, told Variety that it is very validating that a “Hollywood stalwart like Dick Clark Productions is coming on board with us.”

The timing is right for the Streamys to be recognized even more now. Web video definitely has some star power with internet sensations like Rebecca Black and the best of online and offline worlds, starting with the Justin Bieber and the Old Spice Guy.

With the Streamys we could start recognizing even more premium programming such as David Fincher’s House of Cards, a series in production that will be exclusive to Netflix, and Hulu’s A Day in the Life, from documentarian Morgan Spurlock. The Inside, directed by DJ Caruso, stars Emmy Rossum and is presented by Intel and Toshiba.

The details of the new and improved Streamys are still being hammered out. DCP and Tubefilter are conceiving a multi-month interactive extravaganza, featuring audience participation that involves voting on select categories well in advance of the show itself.

The Streamys had its growing pains in the last two years, but hopefully, with DCP coming on board the awards program will become an annual event in the mainstream of entertainment.