Stephen Colbert Joins Reddit’s Gift Exchange for Troops [Video]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Stephen Colbert, the swiss army knife of late night political satire, has joined Reddit’s Gift Exchange for the troops.  The program is part of ‘redditgifts’, a popular subreddit where users sign up to give one another gifts.  It’s especially popular during Christmas time each year.

The redditgift exchange for the troops began this past Tuesday, and Colbert quickly signed up to be the first donor.  This will be a big boon for reddit, as Colbert will be championing this compassionate movement on his show, and may end up attracting a whole new crowd to reddit.  Expect to see some old-school redditors complaining about these new kids.

Watch reddit founder Alexis Ohanian’s introduction to the reddit gift exchange for troops.

The program has this introduction from the reddit community:

We’re amazed by the incredible things you do for our nation every day. Now, it’s our turn to do a little something for you. Is there a snack you’ve been missing? Books you’ve wanted to read? Or a DVD you’ve been meaning to see? Maybe you’d just like a redditor to surprise you?

This activity kind of highlights why we consider reddit an emerging social network here at Social Times.  Sure, it’s a glorified forum, but it’s changed the formula enough such that a new dynamic has evolved.  Reddit is a lot closer to a social network for anonymous than a forum at this point, and group actions like this that rally the populace together to achieve a goal is a very social activity — not entirely different than social group buying company Groupon.

We’ll keep you updated on how the initiative proceeds.