State Farm's Facebook Contest Aims For Repeat Visits

By Gregory Pleshaw Comment

Most contests on Facebook aim to get people to like a brand for the first time. State Farm Insurance Company is using a game to try to get repeat visits.

The insurer’s new contest called Shotgun requires repeat visits in order to win a Ford Fusion Hybrid or a $20 Visa gift card.

For ten consecutive days, the company is publishing a picture at a random time throughout the day and encourage users to tag themselves in the photo. Users effectively cry out “Shotgun” by being the first to tagthe photograph with their name.

The first tagger will be entered into the Ford Fusion Hybrid drawing. Those who aren’t the first to tag the car will be entered into a drawing for a Visa $20 gift card. Only one car will be awarded, but 400 Visa cards will be offered through the contest.

In order to win, however, committed players will have to stick around and make repeat visits to the page, as they wait for the company to publish a photograph of a car at random times throughout the contest’s 10-day run from March 31 through April 9.

Only metrics will tell if this contest is as successful as the company would like it to be. Currently, State Farm’s fan-page has over 63,000 likes.

What do you think would be a good target number for State Farm to be aiming for in this contest?