Want To Host A Video Chat? Check Out Spreecast

By Mary C. Long 

If you’ve ever wanted to (or plan to) host a video chat, you’ve likely considered using Skype. You may have even considered using a Google+ hangout, a la Hollywood – but there’s another alternative you need to explore: Spreecast.

Combining the best of Youtube social search tagging and privacy controls, with Skype and Google+ multi-participant capabilities, Spreecast takes video casting a hop, skip and BIG leap ahead.

We had heard of Spreecasting a while back, but it was overshadowed at the time by Google+ hangouts.

Revisiting the site today, we viewed the tutorials showing how to create and produce a spreecast – and you should too. To sum up some of the points that stood out for us:

  • Host flexibility. You can have up to four hosts at one time, but can swap them out with new hosts any number of times.
  • Audience size. “Any number of viewers can watch and participate live, making it a great tool for both large and small audiences.”
  • Embed video. You can embed your Spreecast on your website. And you can also queue it up so that it posts in real time.
  • Twitter stream. You can follow #hashtag conversations to the right of the video, where public questions are asked.
  • Frictionless Facebook sharing. With a click, a link to your Spreecast is shared on your Facebook.
  • Public and private interactions. Viewers can post live comments and you can also set your Spreecast so that questions come in to you privately for your approval. And once you approve them, they show on the bottom of your video.
  • Recorded video. No need to remember if you hit record or if it recorded correctly – that’s what it does, it records!
  • Privacy controls. Videos can be public or private – and you can change that designation after the fact. You can also prevent folks from embedding your video on their site even when it’s public.

Oh, and today it announced that you “can now watch your favorite spreecasts up close! Simply hover over the video player in a live spreecast and select Full Screen. This expands content for a crisp, clear viewing experience. To go back to the regular size, hover over the video player again and select Exit Full Screen. You can toggle in and out as needed.”

And this is how a Spreecast screen looks:

Nice, hmm? Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Video chat image from Shutterstock)