Songza Connects Facebook Users To Mood Music

By Justin Lafferty 

People can organize music by genre, artist, title, album date, and just about any other metric you could think of. But what about mood? Facebook application Songza produces playlists based on what types of music the user wants to hear for specific situations. For instance, if a person likes to hear hard rock and is getting ready for a half-marathon, Songza would provide a rockin’ workout playlist. The app was featured Thursday in Facebook’s Developer Spotlight.

Songza is the 10th-most-popular music app on Facebook, according to sister site AppData. It has 770,000 monthly active users and 130,000 daily active users. It provides music for a variety of situations: working out, relaxing, studying, partying, and getting lucky, among others.

Facebook loves Songza, which is available on desktop, iOS, and Android, ¬†for the way it has utilized open graph technology. In a recent 30-day period, Songza received more than 1 million referrals from Facebook, and the social network was the app’s top driver of new users. In the past five months, the number of daily active users signing in through Facebook has increased 10 times. Facebook-connected Songza users listen an average of 20 percent longer than other users.

Elias Roman, Songza’s CEO, wrote on the developer blog about how the company has succeeded with Facebook integration:

We’re in a very crowded space. Our Open Graph integration helps us rise above that noise. By making it easy for people to sign in and share what they are doing, and listening to, back to their friends, Facebook has helped us get the exposure we need. Open graph also makes it seamless for people to share what they are doing with their friends without disrupting the moment, which increases user satisfaction.

Facebook lauded Songza for its use of Facebook login. Once users are logged in through Facebook, playlists are suggested based on the day of the week and time. The social network also praised the app for having a consistent experience throughout mobile and desktop, making it easy for people to log in wherever they are.

Songza also creates interesting timeline stories. Playlists are given descriptive titles such as Airplane Zen, Music for a Woodland Clearing, or 90s Bachelor Pad. These playlists are seamlessly posted to users’ timelines, giving their friends a little more insight about who they are and what they’re doing. Users can also connect with specialized playlists from celebrities and brands, which usually generate a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

When using Songza, people can easily share music with friends, inviting them to try Songza. The app recently added deep linking with Facebook in iOS, which generated significant mobile referrals.

Readers: Are you grooving to Songza?