SocialSafe Allows Users, Pages To Store Their Facebook Lives

By Justin Lafferty 

There’s a treasure trove of information on Facebook — years of messages, wall posts, and photos. SocialSafe, which recently released its newest version, lets users store their data from day one to the present, in an easy-to-read and access manner.

While Facebook allows users, as well as pages, to download copies of their interactions (and companies such as Yearly Leaf present this information beautifully), SocialSafe is different in that it now stores messages, too.

By paying for SocialSafe’s service, users can connect their Facebook or Twitter accounts and have all of their data in a manageable interface. This way, people don’t have to keep digging through their timeline to find that awesome picture or that witty status update from 2007. SocialSafe even has a search function, so if you’re trying to find something but can’t remember when it was posted, there’s a solution.

But one of the biggest differences between SocialSafe and other programs is that it saves messages. SocialSafe does not keep any user data, but rather provides an application for users to store and update their own Facebook data.

In addition to backing up messages, there are several other ways that SocialSafe can be used. Users can see a schedule of posting, dating all the way back to the first day they signed up for the social network. People can also see who has unfriended them (and who they have unfriended).

SocialSafe Chairman Julian Ranger spoke with AllFacebook about the program and what he’s hoping it will become in the future:

We just want to make sure that whatever social channels you do, we will capture all of the data for you. We’ll add all of the social networks, and we’re going to add RSS very shortly … We’re going to add networks, and then we’re going to activate the data for it all, for photographs and people, and give you statistics to export. Anything you think you could want to do with your data is what we’re going to do. When today becomes yesterday, that’s when you’ll want SocialSafe.

Through SocialSafe, users can back up their data from a variety of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Viadeo. Ranger told AllFacebook that SocialSafe is soon adding RSS and Pinterest to its system.

Readers: Are you looking for ways to store your Facebook data?