What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About GreenRope

By Neil Glassman 

Lars Helgeson, Founder & CEO, GreenRope

GreenRope is a web-based platform that combines CRM, contact management, email marketing, calendaring, sales automation and social media management.

Its social media integration connects email marketing and CRM to social media accounts to manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Ping.FM accounts from a single navigation dashboard.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

GreenRope’s social media integration tool allows integrated tracking of social media accounts and industry trends without leaving the platform. Dashboard information includes Facebook NewsFeed, Facebook Page feeds and Twitter Lists. Users can schedule posts to multiple accounts across multiple social media channels.

Data, such as Twitter mentions and retweets, are graphically displayed and social reporting allows comparison of activity across channels to assist planning. The social media data adds detail to GreenRope’s CRM to help streamline email marketing campaigns, as well as other sales and marketing activites.

Coolest feature

Current users of GreenRope for CRM or email marketing can track and schedule initiatives on multiple social media accounts from the same dashboard. Linking contacts’ social media profiles allows viewing of their social media activity when viewing their CRM data.

Feature rundown

  • GreenRope’s CRM-Social integration incorporates common marketing and operations functions — email marketing, event management, project management, website analytics and more.
  • Bat.ly, GreenRope’s link-shortening mechanism, shortens links individually per post per platform to track traffic sources.

User profile

Small to mid-sized business and consultings firm seeking a lower cost alternative to multiple subscriptions.

User review

“Our firm has been using GreenRope for our email marketing campaigns for several of our clients. We were thrilled when they announced that they would be launching a Social Media Integration tool. Now we are not only able to manage our clients’ email marketing campaigns, but now we’re able to manage their social media accounts without leaving the platform. By having all this information readily available to us on a single web-based platform, we’ve become even more efficient with our time and budget.” – Jen Kim, Interactive Media Manager, BERKMAN PR


GreenRope’s pricing is based on the total number of contacts in an account for an unlimited number of users. Five-tiers rangefrom $10 per month for the Starter Package (250 contacts) to $100 per month for the Enterprise package (10,000 contacts plus 0.5¢ for each additional contact). Some features vary among the tiers.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Instead of paying for multiple subscriptions for multiple platforms, with GreenRope, you are able to have access to features with a single low price. Think Constant Contact, SalesForce, Survey Monkey, BaseCamp, and more all in one.”


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