What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About CMP.LY

By Neil Glassman Comment

CMP.LY is designed to provide an easy to understand solution for required disclosures, allowing users to easily scale efforts, manage process and address regulatory compliance in all forms of social media marketing with documented audit trails and reporting.

Key elements in the company’s effort to set the industry standard for social media compliance are CMP.LY codes and icons that serve as clear disclosure on their own. In addition, they provide links that are identifiable and readable in context, pointing back to complete disclosures as required for regulatory needs and documented best practices.

CMP.LY’s system addresses the unique challenges of disclosures in social media by enabling advertisers to ensure that blog posts, Facebook updates and Tweets can meet disclosure obligations under FTC and, soon, FDA, SEC and other regulators. The company also provides tools to document and report on compliance and measure campaign-specific return on investment (ROI).

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

The FTC has been out at the forefront of social media compliance issues. The Commission issued updated guidelines in late 2009 covering endorsements and testimonials in social media and word of mouth marketing. This applies to advertisers, as well as to their employees, agencies and influencers, who can all potentially be liable for a lack of disclosure in their communications. CMP.LY offers solutions not only for compliance, but for tracking ROI of specific campaigns across multiple platforms.

Coolest feature

Iconic compliance – insert “fine print” and additional information to messages within blogs, web pages, tweets and Facebook status updates.

Feature rundown

  • Short, simple and conspicuous compliance.
  • Active monitoring for automated reporting and sending alerts to marketers so that they may proactively address rogue influencers – this protects brand equity and insulates brands from violations.
  • Compliance audit documentation that integrates fully into corporate systems.
  • Addresses new SEC, FINRA, OFT, FDA and FTC regulations.

User profile

CMP.LY customers are brands and their agencies who are leveraging influencers (employees, bloggers or social media mavens) to market their products within social media channels. Product statements and endorsements by these influencers must be disclosed and documented. They are looking to scale their social media efforts more efficiently and avoid liability for not being open and transparent about their online marketing efforts.

User review

“As both an influencer and an agency guy, I love the simplicity that CMP.LY gives me and my clients to quickly and clearly disclose relationships between a post and the brand. Disclosure should not be complicated and while many people are talking about how best to do it, the team at CMP.LY stopped talking and started making it happen” – C.C. Chapman, blogger, podcaster and author of Content Rules.


Individual bloggers and influencers can use the CMP.LY service for free. Commercial plans start at $200 per month and include required documentation and reporting. CMP.LY has professional plans available for large brands and agencies that include API access, enhanced reporting and unique compliance badge tracking solutions.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “At the moment our patent-pending solution has no direct competition. Other disclosure solutions such as hashtags are ad hoc in nature and do not address the needs of advertisers to document process and operate social media efforts at scale.”

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