SocialCode Touts Results Of Campaigns Using Facebook’s Partner Categories

By David Cohen 

Social marketing solutions provider SocialCode shared its results from two campaigns using Facebook’s partner categories ad targeting, which was introduced last month, reporting that engagement per like was seven times and five times higher, respectively, when compared with standard Facebook ad targeting.

SocialCode defines engagement per like as the percentage of engagements on a brand’s Facebook page that resulted from a specific like.

For the first campaign, SocialCode reported engagement per like of 1.4 percent, compared with 0.2 percent when using standard Facebook ad targeting. Those figures for the second campaign were 194.7 percent and 43.3 percent, respectively.

SocialCode said fans acquired via partner categories were likely engaging more because they represented a more focused audience for brands or products, with the help of offline data about consumers’ behavior and interests, and CEO Laura O’Shaughnessy added:

Initial results from partner categories are very encouraging. We have always known that engagement on social platforms has enormous influence on consumer offline purchasing behavior. Now we can measure it and optimize for it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re diving deep into the data now with some of our biggest clients and look forward to releasing more details about how to best leverage these new capabilities.

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