Black Friday Influenced Most Popular U.S. Facebook Pages Of November

By Justin Lafferty 

If you’ve been following any of AllFacebook’s posts about Black Friday, holiday shopping, and Facebook, it’s probably no surprise to you that Walmart was the most popular U.S. page on Facebook in November, according to new stats from Socialbakers. Walmart also posted one of the most engaging photos.

Major retailers such as Walmart (first) and Target (third) found their way to the top of the list, while Samsung Mobile, with phones that are hot sellers at this time of year, came in second.

Bretton Buehler, Socialbakers’ business development manager for North America, wrote in an email to AllFacebook about Black Friday’s effect on major Facebook pages:

Well, in actuality, it had some noticeable increases in Target’s fans leading up to Black Friday, and it started to level off, but it is still increasing. For Target and Walmart, after Black Friday, the number of people talking about them on Facebook dropped dramatically. For Walmart, the fans have been increasing steadily, and there was no noticeable difference.

Buehler also noted that in the days leading up to Black Friday, the number of unanswered questions also rose.

But not everyone ignored questions. Among socially devoted brands, as designated by Socialbakers, there was an average 45.43 percent response rate. T-Mobile USA answered 808 questions with an average response time of 77 minutes and a response rate of 86 percent. Best Buy answered 668 questions, but it took the page on average 215 minutes. Applebee’s answered 394 questions, Kmart 321, and Redbox (which had a 93 percent response rate) 307.

Readers: How often do you interact with brands on Facebook during the holiday shopping season?