Social News App Shuts Down

By Cameron Scott 

newsme, social media, social readers, mobile apps, twitter, the iOS app that made headlines this summer when it bought the fallen giant Digg, today shut down its social news app rather than compete “with a platform” — Twitter — “on which it relies,” the company announced today. used an algorithm that found links to news articles in a user’s Twitter and Facebook networks and then displayed those articles in what the company calls a “news-friendly reading experience.”

The app relies on Twitter’s API to find news articles relevant to individual users. Twitter has been increasingly strict about how company’s can use its APIs, and demanded that display Twitter content in a way that looked more like Twitter itself. chose not to invest more work in an app that seemed likely to get the cold shoulder from Twitter again, as the company branches further into media with expanded tweets.

“Here’s what it comes down to: we don’t want to invest time and energy into an application that competes with a platform on which it relies,” the company said.

The company says Digg, which now includes iOS apps, will serve the same function that did. still offers an email news feed.