Social Media Newsfeed: Xbox One | Social Media Helping Tornado Victims

By Tim Sohn 

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XboxOneMicrosoft’s New Xbox One Teams with Spielberg and NFL to Create Interactive Social TV (LostRemote)
Xbox revealed its next-generation console Tuesday, Xbox One, featuring live TV integration and two big announcements to blur the lines between television and social gaming. The big announcements were focused on redefining the act of watching TV from a passive to an active experience — mostly on the first screen. The New York Times To that end, Microsoft announced a plan to develop its own original live-action television series that will be accessible through the Xbox, in partnership with the director Steven Spielberg, based on its Halo video-game franchise. The company is also working with the National Football League to develop an app for Xbox that lets players interact with their fantasy football teams while watching a live sportscast of a game. Reuters The new device interacts with a television, responds to voice and gesture commands, includes group video calling on Skype, 15 exclusive game titles and original programming content. Wired Wired editor Peter Rubin spent multiple days at Microsoft’s Redmond campus learning all about Xbox One in advance of the announcement, and most of what the Microsoft execs wanted to talk about was entertainment as a whole, not just games. So in the grand scheme of things, Microsoft isn’t any more interested in hardcore gamers than it is any other potential consumer. The Huffington Post The ESPN app was also revealed, which will allow users to watch live sports on their TV while browsing things like a players fantasy stats or other scores around the world on the same screen. The Xbox One will be “available around the world later this year,” though they did not give any information on pricing.

How Reddit Stepped Up to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims (The Daily Dot)
Reddit is coming to the aid of those who have felt the effects of the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. Since the deadly storms wreaked havoc on the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, r/Oklahoma, the state’s subreddit, has been exploding with news. While many submissions include photos and videos of the natural disaster, many others include something more: help. USA Today With more Facebook groups popping up every hour, Emily Garman, 34, of Oklahoma City, created hoping to consolidate the emotional search process for missing animals. “So far there have been 220 posts on the site,” she said. “Two or three are coming in a minute.” WDAM People affected by the massive tornado still do not know where their loved ones are, but many of them are using social media to find out. On Twitter, the hashtag #OKMissing is being used to communicate information about missing people, while #OpOK is being used to tell people about where to find shelter and how to volunteer assistance, as well as other information people want to communicate.

Twitter Secures Patent on Pull Down to Refresh Interaction, Promises Not to Use It (SocialTimes)
Twitter has earned a patent for the interactive feature by which users pull down to refresh content, which is widely used in mobile apps. The company said it would manage the patent using an Innovator’s Patent Agreement, essentially only exercising the patent if it is first sued by a company that allegedly infringes on it.

Flickr Users: We Hate the New Site (CNET)
Many Flickr users seem none too happy about the new layout, at least according to a heavy dose of comments posted on the site’s help forum. Several users chiming in on the forum say the photos are now too big and “in your face.” Others say the large layout makes it difficult to interact with their fellow Flickr users.

Crowdbabble Launches Facebook Real-Time Monitor (AllFacebook)
Facebook’s built-in page insights are helpful, but not if you’re looking for minute-to-minute changes. Crowdbabble recently launched a real-time Facebook analytics monitor, so brands can see how their pages (and those of their competitors) are doing instantly.

Pandora Starts Playing Music from Unreleased Albums (VentureBeat)
Streaming music service Pandora has launched a new radio station that features songs from albums that aren’t available for sale yet. The station, called Pandora Premieres, features a slew of unreleased music, interviews and other extra content from both established and emerging artists about a week before you can buy them via retail stores.

@HonestToddler Voices the Inner Thoughts of a Mischievous Child (AllTwitter)
@HonestToddler, a Twitter account-turned-book, illustrates the detailed daily inner thoughts of a toddler, and the results are pretty hilarious. Montreal-area mom Bunmi Laditan started @HonestToddler in May 2012 when her youngest child turned two, and now she’s landed a book deal.

It’s Time to Change Mashable’s Twitter Profile Picture (Mashable)
As Mashable grows and evolves — we introduced a new site design a few months ago — it’s time to change our social media look. All of us at Mashable are excited to introduce a new look for our social feeds, including Twitter. I personally think it’s an upgrade!

Nutella Exemplifies How Not to Use Social Media (SocialTimes)
Facing an online revolt, Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, rescinded a cease-and-desist letter it had sent to the organizer of World Nutella Day, an online event to celebrate the delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread. But even in its Facebook post apologizing for the fiasco, Ferrero still showed a lack of social grace.