Social Media Newsfeed: Instagram Photo-Tagging | LinkedIn Revenue Forecasts

By Tim Sohn 

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InstagramInstagram Has Tagged You in a Photo (SocialTimes)
The words everybody dreads seeing in their inboxes — “[your friend] has tagged you in a photo” — are coming to photo-sharing site Instagram. Just like on Facebook, you will now be able to label the people in your Instagram photos by tapping on the picture and filling in the names through the “Photos of You” feature. Brands can also be tagged. Mashable Previously, the only way to find out whether a photo of you was uploaded to Instagram was to crawl through your activity feed, hoping someone had mentioned your username in a caption (i.e., @laureni). Likewise, there’s been no easy way to share a photo someone uploaded of you to your own followers; oftentimes, I see friends share screenshots of another user’s photo that they appear in, captioned with the hashtag #regram. CNET Before you can use the new feature, you’ll need to upgrade to version 3.5 of the app on your iPhone or Android device. Once you are running the latest version of Instagram, you will see an Add People line on Instagram’s Share screen after you have cropped and filtered your photo. ReadWrite I asked an Instagram rep if the new tagging feature is a play for making more money off mobile use — a revenue stream Facebook has square in its crosshairs. The company denies it: “At this time Instagram isn’t focused on monetization. [Instagram] rolled out this new feature because it was a missing piece to let people tell their stories … and to make it easier to add people and things to photos.” Wired Now that you and all of your friends and family members and coworkers and acquaintances can start tagging people in Instagram pics, you will inevitably be tagged in a photo you don’t like. We can’t keep you from being tagged in that embarrassing photo of you passed out on the floor, but we can tell you exactly what to do to hide that #Instanightmare from your profile.

LinkedIn Second-Quarter Revenue Forecast Falls Short of Targets (Reuters)
LinkedIn shares fell 10 percent on Thursday after disappointing revenue forecasts suggested that a revamped mobile app and other new products designed to keep smartphone users engaged will not deliver on advertising growth as quickly as anticipated. The social network that targets professional users and specializes in recruiting services has in past months introduced a series of enhancements such as news content for mobile devices, to keep users signed in longer and sell more advertising. The Wall Street Journal Overall, LinkedIn reported a profit of $22.6 million, or 20 cents a share, up from $5 million, or four cents a share, a year ago. Excluding stock-based compensation costs and other adjustments, per-share earnings rose to 45 cents from 15 cents a year earlier. Analysts most recently expected 31 cents. Forbes LinkedIn’s revenue growth was substantially higher than Facebook ’s, which reported earnings on Wednesday. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg saw its total sales gain 38 percent.

Facebook Rolls Out Trusted Contacts (AllFacebook)
In 2011, Facebook first introduced Trusted Friends, which allowed friends to verify that you’re really you and help you gain access into your account. Facebook announced Thursday that it has improved the service, rolling it out globally as Trusted Contacts.

LocalResponse’s Socially-Targeted Ads Pay Off Big with Revenue Up 716 Percent (VentureBeat)
LocalResponse’s pitch is simple, but ingenious for the ad set: it combs social media data to better target ads on mobile devices and desktops. That means more interesting ads for you and hopefully better conversions for advertisers.

Warren Buffett Joins Twitter (SocialTimes)
Investor Warren Buffett, who joined Twitter and sent his first two tweets Thursday, has already amassed more than 95,000 followers. The first tweet has been retweeted more than 12,000 times and favorited more than 2,700 times.

Gmail Now Lets You Add Calendar Events Straight from Your Email (The Verge)
Google has just added a long-overdue feature to Gmail — now, users can add a calendar event to their Google Calendars by clicking on dates and times in email messages. Gmail will even attempt to come up with a proper name for the event, though you can swap it out if you please.

NCAA Bans On-Field Hashtags and Social Media URLs (AllTwitter)
A new memo from the NCAA’s Football Rules Committee puts the kibosh on the use of all social media designations on college football fields, drawing a definitive line between live sports and social media. Hashtags on scoreboards or stadiums are still OK.

Facebook Targets the Press with ‘Best Practices’ Guide for Engaging Readers on its Social Network (The Next Web)
Facebook published a beginner’s guide Thursday designed to entice journalists and companies within the media industry to use the social network as a platform for sharing original news and content. The guide published Thursday is significant because it’s one of the first instances whereby Facebook has actively courted members of the press into using the service.

Mika Brzezinski’s Mom Tweets Tree Art Photos (FishbowlDC)
On “Morning Joe” Thursday, Mika Brzezinski put in a plug for her mother who joined Twitter at the start of the year, telling viewers to check out the tree sculptures. Emilie, Brzezinski’s mom, has been tweeting photos of elaborate sculptures made out of tree trunks she says that she has carved herself.