Social Media Newsfeed: Foursquare Ads | Google Now

By Tim Sohn 

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FoursquareWith its Future on the Line, Foursquare Readies Ad Retargeting and In-App Ads (SocialTimes)
Foursquare is looking for advertisers to participate in its efforts to retarget ads to Web users based on their check-ins and to serve up interstitial ads in its mobile apps, according to a leaked pitch deck for advertisers obtained by Gawker’s Valley Wag. Foursquare’s latest round of funding was in loans, rather than outright investment, demonstrating its investors’ impatience with the company’s failure to generate revenue. CNET Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley wants to dismiss worries that the startup isn’t growing, saying that all important metrics are rising about 10 percent to 30 percent from month to month. Crowley, who also is a co-founder of the check-in and local search app, noted that Foursquare “doesn’t talk about growth numbers that much,” but the company pays attention to the number of active users, signups, check-ins, people using search and other metrics, and all are rising, he said. SFGate Crowley noted that March was the company’s highest revenue-generating month yet, and that it’s regularly signing six-figure deals with advertisers and merchants. He wouldn’t comment on 2013 revenue, merely stating that the company is on track to hit an aggressive goal. Street Fight
Foursquare capped off its nearly yearlong transition into a local discovery service earlier this month, releasing a major update to its mobile application that brought search features to the forefront of the service. The update put the New York-based startup on a collision course with the publicly traded Yelp, pitting the two companies in an indirect (if not lopsided) battle over the future of local discovery. VentureBeat Foursquare’s plight contrasts strongly with the success of shopping app Shopkick, which is pulling in cash in ways that most location-based mobile apps — including Foursquare — have so far been unable to. The app, which rewards people for shopping in certain stores, helped Shopkick’s partners make $200 million last year.

Android’s Google Now Feature Comes to iPhone (The Wall Street Journal/Digits)
With an update to its search app, Google’s intelligent search system Google Now is now available for the iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t have as deep of an integration with the operating system like it does on Android, but this Google Now version does offer a taste of one of the smartest features on Android. The Huffington Post Google Now’s invasion of Siri’s turf marks Google’s latest attempt to lure iPhone and iPad users away from a service that Apple built into its own devices. Google quickly won over millions of iPhone users in December when it released a mapping application to replace the navigation system that Apple dumped when it redesigned iOS last fall. CNET Unlike Google Now on Android, which you can start using as long as your device is running Android 4.1 or later, the Google Now app on iOS will require you to log in to your Google account first. But the defining features of Google Now, the voice recognition and the predictive search, remain intact.

Jason Collins Thanks Fans on Twitter After Coming Out (Mashable)
Jason Collins was the talk of Twitter on Monday after coming out and becoming the first openly gay active athlete in a major American sport. He dominated Twitter’s list of worldwide trends.

9 Social Media Tips for Freelancers from Columbia’s Sree Sreenivasan (SocialTimes)
Columbia University’s first chief digital officer Sree Sreenivasan @sree provided a slew of social media advice to freelancers at ASJA 2013. Here are just a few of his tips.

Weather Company Unveils Three New Web Series, Offers ‘Four-Screen’ Ad Opportunity (paidContent)
The Weather Company, eager to expand beyond its usual fare of snow and storms, announced three new original Web series on Monday that will feature athlete amputees, virus pandemics and disaster survivors. On the social media front, the Weather Company has been creating personalized products like custom Twitter forecasts and, as an executive described Monday, a “social emergency network” that can let people use Facebook to warn loved ones in a given region about an impending weather apocalypse.

Facebook Nixes Option Allowing Users to See Only Posts from Friends on a Page (AllFacebook)
Previously, users could visit Facebook pages and choose to see posts from their friends. However, as sister site Inside Facebook discovered recently, that option is no longer there. Now, users can only see posts by the pages and posts by fans, but not posts by their friends.

Twitter and Comedy Central Kick Off 5-Day #ComedyFest with Mel Brooks’ First Tweet (The Next Web)
Twitter and Comedy Central have kicked off a five-day experimental online comedy festival that will take place on Twitter and Vine, beginning first with a live-streamed event featuring Mel Brooks, the “2,000 Year Old Man,” as he signs up for a Twitter account with the help of Carl Reiner and Judd Apatow. Brooks and Reiner made literal comedic history in the 1960s with their 2,000 Year Old Man sketches.

Twitter Ads App Throws its Neck on Chopping Block (AllTwitter)
Miles Recny admits that his app, Followgen, directly cannibalizes Twitter’s ads revenue model and does so on Twitter’s very own platform. It seems he’s trying to prevent his app’s inevitable demise – or, at the very least, he’s attempting to will it to happen with some measure of predictability (one of those).

Instagram Reverses Ban on Account (The Verge)
Instagram drew attention to itself this weekend for banning an account that published user-submitted pictures of everyday objects that merely resembled penises. The account, called @thatlookslikeadick, was inspired by a widely-circulated picture of the Curiosity rover’s tire-tracks that looked like a phallus.