Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Timeline | Social Sandy | Google Drive

By Devon Glenn 

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Facebook tests Timeline layout with single column of posts (InsideFacebook)
Facebook is testing a new format for user Timelines, which puts all posts in a single column on the left and any activity modules in a narrower column on the right. This layout addresses one of the common complaints about the new profile: users previously had to look back and forth on the page as they scrolled through to read their stream. CNET The test layout keeps the boxes that highlight friends and activities to the right. AllFacebook When a user has no more open graph actions to show, the right side of the page will revert to blank, instead of creating two sides of wall posts. InsideFacebook Facebook confirmed that it is testing this design with a small percentage of users but did not offer any additional information.

Google Drive Turns On Sharing Directly to Google+ (SocialTimes)
Google Drive users are now be able to share their files in their Google+ streams, and their social contacts can read the files without leaving Google’s social network, the company said today. TechCrunch This is a pretty huge deal because it turns the service into a completely collaborative environment outside of the popular Hangouts feature. TheNextWeb The perfect example for this new feature is of course the one announcing it, over on the Google Drive Google+ page. As you can see in the screenshot below, the 8-page Google Docs presentation is embedded right into Google+.

Facebook seeks to offer alternative to Craigslist, utilizing user networks (The Daily)
Facebook is testing a new service that might make Craigslist a thing of the past. Two sources within Facebook, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, have independently told The Daily that development of a classifieds project is on a fast track, not just as a way to not just engage its millions of users but also as a way of allowing them to engage each other. AllFacebook The company confirmed to AllFacebook that the site is testing different ways to put ads in news feeds.

Twitter Users Posted More than 3 Million Tweets About #sandy and #hurricanesandy (SocialTimes)
While Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast on Monday night, Twitter was ablaze with commentary about the storm. Social insights company Topsy has shared with us their analysis of what Twitter users had to say about the hurricane in the first 24 hours. By Topsy’s calculation, there were more than 3 million tweets including #sandy and/or #hurricanesandy.

iPad mini review (The Verge)
Battery life was — not surprisingly — everything Apple claimed it would be. On the tablets more than on any other product the company makes, it seems to be hitting its targets on longevity. I spent some pretty heavy days in mixed use (intermittent sessions of email, web browsing, Twitter, IRC, game playing, music, and video playback), and didn’t have to worry about charging until about the middle or evening the next day. Overall, I was more than satisfied with the iPad mini’s battery performance.

5 Common Twitter Myths That Are Hurting Your Efforts (AllTwitter)
Twitter’s been around for a while, but there are still some nasty myths circulating among even the Twitter elite that could be crippling your success. Some of these myths have been around since before Ashton Kutcher and CNN brought Twitter to the mainstream, while others have popped up more recently. But they will all damage how effective you can be on Twitter if you buy into them, so be wary when you hear these myths being floated around the media, the water cooler, or even Twitter itself.

Facebook Banks Spent $66 Million Buoying IPO, Fed Economists Say (Bloomberg)
Facebook Inc. (FB)’s underwriters may have spent an estimated $66 million supporting the stock’s price in the first day of trading after the company’s initial public offering, Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists said. The underwriters of Facebook’s IPO probably put in bids at $38 and $40 per share as the stock threatened to fall below the $38 offer price during the May 18 trading debut, according to a blog post by economists Thomas Eisenbach and David Lucca.

Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Talks About Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on NYC Start-Ups (AllThingsD)
While stranded in Hurricane Sandy-soaked Manhattan this week, I got a chance to chat with Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley about the impact of the epic storm on his social check-in company and other start-ups in New York City.

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore on how social affected Sandy coverage: ‘Nothing travels faster than the news on social media (LostRemote)
Surreal is the only way to describe the past 24-hours in NYC. While the city’s still in a bit of shock and hundreds of thousands in Manhattan alone are still without power, a sense of “the show must go on” is in the air. We caught up with The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore in Battery Park in Manhattan to discuss social media and “one of the five costliest disasters out there,” Hurricane Sandy.