Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Privacy | Twitter ‘Event Parrot’

By Tim Sohn 

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PrivacyFacebook Removes ‘Who Can Look Up Your Timeline By Name?’ Privacy Setting (AllFacebook)
Facebook announced Thursday that it will remove a privacy setting that was only being used by a small percentage of its users, “Who can look up your Timeline by name?,” after initially announcing the demise of the setting last December, when it revamped its privacy tools. The removal of the setting is likely aimed at enhancing search results in general, and results from Facebook’s own Graph Search in particular. Inside Facebook In lieu of checking privacy settings through the “Who can look up your timeline by name” feature, Facebook recommends that users take a deeper look into their settings to discover how they can be searched through Graph Search. Users can also set individual posts so only a certain subset of users or friends can see them. CNET The change is bound to cause some confusion, if not stir up strong emotions. Privacy and Facebook have always had a complicated relationship, and now it’s as if the company is decreeing: if you’re a member, you can be found, and what people find on your Timeline is entirely up to you. USA Today Of course, the sunsetting of this feature for those who care about it the most only stresses the importance of checking and updating Facebook privacy settings often. Now, it’s more important to consider the content of the Timeline itself: a “private Timeline” is only such when content is marked explicitly “Friends Only.” The Huffington Post A brief scan through Facebook’s Help Center suggests there are some users who still see a use for this “old search setting.” “i want to hide my public search beacuse there so many frends bullying me… [sic],” wrote one user on one of at least half-a-dozen threads asking for advice on how to hide in search.

Twitter’s New ‘Event Parrot’ Will Send You Breaking News By Direct Message
A new Twitter experiment called “Event Parrot” will send you breaking news from around the world, via direct message. At least, it may be a Twitter experiment.

Twitter Strikes Useless Deal with NBC to Add Failure-Bound Feature (SocialTimes)
In related news, adding to its list of soon-to-be flops (think #Music), Twitter is going to offer a “See It” button. Why will it fail? Oh, the reasons are many.

Instagram Gets Sound and Data Usage Controls for Videos on Android and iOS, Photo-Straightening on Android (The Next Web)
Instagram Thursday updated its Android and iOS apps with new features for both photos and videos. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

How to Use Social Media to Sex Up Your #B2B Marketing Campaign [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
Promoting your business to business (B2B) company’s products and services on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has always proven to be a particularly difficult nut to crack, certainly compared to business to consumer (B2C) marketing, where brand after brand has enjoyed the relatively low-hanging fruit, notably in the retail sector. This infographic from Spotlight Communications provides a veritable wealth of information in how to “sex up” your social media B2B marketing campaign, with tips and insights for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Rumor Has it That Vivian Schiller May (or May Not) Be Twitter’s New Head of News (BetaBeat)
AllThingsD is reporting that NBC News exec Vivian Schiller is switching her allegiance from one bird to another. She is a “lock” for Twitter’s head of news position, and the deal is “all but done” for her to join the social network, writes the website.

42 Percent Of The World’s Internet Users Don’t Live Where You Think They Do (SocialTimes)
Courtesy of the Oxford Internet Institute, I have a few more numbers to throw your way. Chief among them being that 42 percent of the world’s Internet users live in Asia.

Twitter Finally Optimized for Android Tablets, but it’s a Samsung Exclusive for Now (GigaOM)
First the good news: Twitter just got better on Android slates. Now the bad news: The new version is launching on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet for now. Other devices will see the new software by end of year.

Viewing Instagram Food Photos Can Ruin Your Taste Buds (AppNewser)
According to the latest research by Brigham Young University professors, your taste buds can get fatigued when you look at too many food photos. If you’re particularly fond of following a lot of food photographers on Instagram, it’s probably damaging your ability to enjoy food to its fullest flavors.