Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Hashtags | Myspace Redesign, iOS App

By Tim Sohn 

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Facebook hashtagsHashtags Are Now Clickable on Facebook (AllFacebook)
It’s official: Hashtags — long a staple of Twitter, as well as Facebook-owned photo-sharing network Instagram — became clickable on Facebook Wednesday. Facebook said in announcing the addition of hashtags that the new feature marks just the first step toward making it easier for users to discover conversations on the social network about public events, people and other topics. Inside Facebook For instance if you leave a comment on a post, something like “Go #Spurs!”, you can then click the #Spurs hashtag and see the discussion around the keyword on Facebook. This could be huge for Facebook’s Graph Search, which will now allow users to search by keyword. Mashable In particular, Facebook hinted in a blog post that it is gunning for the second-screen ad dollars that Twitter has tried for in the past year. “During primetime television alone, there are between 88 and 100 million Americans engaged on Facebook — roughly a Super Bowl-sized audience every single night,” Facebook product manager Greg Lindley wrote in the post. CNET The company said that people can also search for hashtags from the search bar, click on hashtags that originate from other services such as Instagram and compose status updates right from the hashtag feed. The New York Times/Bits Blog The new hashtag service is immediately available to about 20 percent of Facebook users, with the rest getting it gradually over the coming weeks. The company said it would roll out additional features, including trending hashtags, in the near future.

MySpace Redesigned Site & iPhone App Brings Music Streaming (AppNewser)
Myspace is joining the music streaming business with the latest redesign of its website and new iOS app. The new site is designed to be a marketing platform for creative works and includes music streaming on both the site and in the app. Entertainment Weekly “We’ve talked a lot about Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Adele, all these artists who were discovered on Myspace. They were able to promote themselves and put out their brand. When you look at the intersection between all three of those things, that’s what we were trying to get back to. Ultimately we want to make a home for artists,” said Tim Vanderhook, who purchased Myspace with his brother Chris and now serves as its CEO. Wired Unlike the “old” Myspace some of you may remember, your relationship with others on the new service is unidirectional. As with Twitter, you follow others, and they can follow you back — Myspace calls it connecting. But you can connect with far more than just people — things like music, songs, albums and photographs. Adweek The once-dominant social media property has invested in a $20 million ad campaign to reintroduce itself to the masses. The campaign will run across broadcast, cable, radio and digital properties — a marketing push that might be necessary to reach consumers who are already busy on the myriad other social platforms available.

Yahoo Will Reset IDs Inactive for Over a Year on July 15 to Free Up ‘Short, Sweet and Memorable’ Usernames (The Next Web)
Yahoo Wednesday announced that on July 15 the company will be offering “short, sweet, and memorable” Yahoo IDs up for grabs. It is doing this by freeing up Yahoo IDs like that have been inactive for at least 12 months so users like can finally get a useful email address. TechCrunch In other Yahoo news, the company has quietly announced that it has acquired GhostBird Software, the creators of advanced iOS photography apps KitCam and PhotoForge2. Though details of the deal are still under wraps, Yahoo is explicitly saying that it acquired GhostBird for the sake of improving Flickr.

A Tour of the New Google+ Dashboard for Pages (SocialTimes)
Google has streamlined the process of managing a page on Google+ with new dashboards for updating business information and monitoring marketing campaigns. Located in the menu on the left side of the screen, the dashboard opens a new page with several tabs for monitoring a Google+ page.

NSA Performed Over 61K Hacking Operations Around the World, Says Whistleblower (VentureBeat)
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden came out of hiding to speak with a Chinese newspaper Wednesday, claiming that the United States is also using its recently revealed surveillance tactics against China. According to an interview Snowden gave to the South China Morning Post, the U.S. government has performed over 61,000 “hacking operations” in countries everywhere.

Twitter And Everyday Health Launch Global Real-Time Content Partnership ‘HealthBeat’ (AllTwitter)
Twitter and Everyday Health Inc., a comScore Top 50 media company creating original health and wellness content, have announced a global content partnership to provide real-time health information and breaking news to the Twitter community. Titled “HealthBeat” – not to be confused with VentureBeat’s health care conference – the joint product will be composed of promoted tweets linking to Everyday Health’s news, expert advice, videos or tools that users can leverage as their first line of defense against heath matters like a flu outbreak, SARS or even mental health issues following a major disaster or traumatic event.

Washington Post’s New ‘Sponsored Views’ Offering is Actually Pretty Smart (paidContent)
There was a predictable amount of gasping and hand-waving about Washington Post‘s launch on Wednesday of what it calls Sponsored Views, a feature that offers advertisers the ability to post ads next to specific editorial content that is about the same topic. Like most of the other experiments involving “native” advertising or “sponsored content,” it seems to have triggered some of the usual journalistic concerns about how native ads cross some kind of ethical barrier — but in many ways, what the Post is doing makes a certain amount of sense.

The Pinterest API is Coming; Head of Marketing Developer Partnerships Joins Up (AllThingsD)
The broader social media industry eagerly awaits the Pinterest API. The popular social collection service recently launched various retailer tools, and it has said for a while (years now) that a fuller API will be available to outside developers.

Vodio’s Personalized Video Discovery App Now on Android (SocialTimes)
Vodio has released an Android version of its video discovery app, the company announced Wednesday. Created in 2011, Vodio organizes videos into channels like tech, entertainment and sports; and serves up new ones based on what’s already being shared on social networks as well as the user’s personal taste.