Social Media Newsfeed: WordPress Celebrates 10 Years | Instagram for Newsrooms

By Tim Sohn 

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WordPressLooking Back at WordPress on its 10th Birthday (Infographic) (VentureBeat)
It’s a little hard to believe that the publishing world has only been using WordPress for a decade, as Monday marked the 10th birthday for the platform. Back in 2003, WordPress was the new kid helping those that wanted a simple publishing tool. The Next Web The platform has evolved in the past decade from being a basic blogging service to something that has helped people and brands become more social and changed how we communicate on the Web. Started by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress is an open-source service where anyone can make modifications to the code to improve their blog and make it something that works for them. TechCrunch The project started as a form of the blogging platform b2/cafelog, and the name itself, WordPress, wasn’t even Mullenweg’s idea. It came from a friend of his. Mashable What’s interesting is that, as WordPress has become more powerful, it has created room for more writing-focused platforms such as Medium, Svbtle and Ghost. To celebrate 10 years of WordPress, the WordPress community is having special Meetup events across the globe. Business Tech In related news, Automattic, the company that operates, announced a $50 million investment from hedge fund and private-equity investor Tiger Global on Friday. The investment comes on the heels of Yahoo’s $1.1 billion acquisition of blogging company Tumblr, showing the high prices fast-growing services that targeting Internet users can command.

Instagram for Newsrooms: A Community Tool, a Reporting Tool, a Source of Web Content (The Poynter Institute)
For news organizations, Instagram isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s about the people they’re interacting with and the stories behind the images.

How a Reddit Thread Inspired a Hollywood Movie (Mashable)
The creation of a Hollywood movie started with a question on Reddit: Could a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion destroy the entire Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus? The head-scratcher of a query, posted to the site in 2011, amassed nearly 4,000 comments and got military historian James Erwin thinking about the answer.

Jif Peanut Butter Embraces the GIF (SocialTimes)
Choosy moms choose GIF with a soft “g” sound. Shortly after GIF creator Steve Wilhite declared that the acronym for Graphics Interchange Format should be pronounced like the peanut butter, Jif fired back on Twitter with a link to a GIF of its own.

Local Hero? Man Tweets DUI Checkpoint Locations (CNET)
Sennett Devermont has turned checkpoint alerts into what he believes is a public service. Devermont, a co-founder of the dating site site DateUp (later sold to IAC) and various other ventures, has created the superhero name Mr. Checkpoint, and his site works hard to ensure that his followers receive text alerts as soon as the information comes to him.

How to Avoid Facebook Scams (AllFacebook)
Miranda Perry, staff writer for Scambook, spoke with AllFacebook about ways that people can make sure that they’re not giving away information to scammers or spamming their friends’ News Feeds with malicious links. Scambook is a complaint resolution platform, where customers can air their grievances and let others know about unscrupulous business practices and identity theft.

Google Hangout Weddings Allow Same-Sex Marriages in Places Where it’s Not Yet Legal (The Huffington Post)
Until just a month ago, same-sex marriage was not legal in France, but that didn’t stop these French same-sex couples from getting married. The group Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité (French for “All States For Equality”) created a high-tech way for same-sex couples in France to get married. All they needed was the Internet.

Doctors at UCLA Perform the First Live-Vined Surgery (AllTwitter)
The Twitterverse has already seen its first live-tweeted open-heart surgery, and even a live-tweet of a brain surgery. But a surgical operation had never before been live-Vined – until last Thursday. GigaOM In related news, a fight over a Vine video last month suggests history may repeat itself, but this time on the video front. The dispute involved the musician Prince using a law called the DMCA to force Vine to take down six-second concert clips posted by a fan.

Video Discovery Service Matcha Disappears, Co-Founder Promises ‘Something Better’ in the Future (TechCrunch)
You might remember The company provided a personal recommendations site and mobile apps focused on helping users to find interesting movies and TV shows online, based on their own preferences, and those of their friends on various social networks. Well, over the last few days, the website has gone dark, and those who have downloaded the mobile app report that it’s no longer working.