What Are Companies Saying About Social Media In The Workplace? [Infographic]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

These days almost everyone is on Facebook and Twitter and, for many of us, our social media activity is spilling over from our private lives into the workplace.  More and more people are Facebooking and Tweeting from work, but what do our employers think about this phenomenon?  A new infographic from Mindflash and Column Five explores the question, ‘Are Companies Allowing Employees to Use Social Media in the Workplace?’

Surprisingly, only 48.3 percent of companies allow all employees access to social networking sites while at work for non-business use.  While I’m sure personal social networking on the job is frowned upon in most places, I expected that a larger percentage of companies would give their employees access to these sites.  26.7 percent of companies offer access to social networking sites for a select group of employees, and a quarter of all companies ban social networks for personal use entirely.

In addition to statistics on social media use in the workplace, the infographic also explores the approaches that different companies take in regards to social media, as well as guidelines and training tips that employees should be aware of when it comes to tweeting properly about business.

Check out the full infographic below to learn more.  What is your employer’s policy on social media in the workplace?  Do you Tweet during the workday?

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