Social Film Experience Starring Emmy Rossum and Possibly You

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Two of the top brands in computers, Intel and Toshiba, have partnered up on a venture that may prove worthwhile for social media users. The venture melds social media with traditional filmmaking.

The internet film is called Inside and is directed by DJ Caruso. The film includes most of the prominent social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The film’s lead character is Christina, played by Emmy Rossum — no stranger to acting or singing. You might be familiar with her film breaking role in The Phantom of the Opera.  She is a woman in her twenties who is locked in a room with only a laptop. Christina passes her time in isolation with an unmonitored Internet connection, seemingly as someone’s prisoner.

The film will be shown as a series of short videos. They will offer clues concerning the events that led to her imprisonment. The story line is based on the input from the audience by the various social networking sites. Christina calls upon her social networking friends to unravel the mystery of where she is being kept prisoner and how can she escape.

Caruso likes the social media aspect of the film because he also gets to direct the audience, “that is what makes it an exciting new experience for the viewer: the opportunity to participate in the film itself.”

Inside will be released on the internet starting July 25th. The production has opened an on-line casting call for anyone who would like to be involved. From now until the July 20th, the call asks for videos to be submitted via YouTube, and one video will be selected for the film.