Snapchat Reportedly Acquires Viral Comic App Bitstrips

By Justin Lafferty Comment


Bitstrips, the creative comic strip app which rose to prominence on Facebook, appears to have a new home.

Fortune reported that Snapchat has apparently purchased Bitstrips—which also makes personalized emoji app Bitmoji—in a deal valued in the neighborhood of $100 million (a mix of cash and stock).

While Bitstrips rose to power on Facebook, lately the company has been popular via its app, Bitmoji, allowing people to create customized emojis.

Representatives from Bitstrips and Snapchat declined to comment to Fortune. The publication reported that it’s not yet known what Snapchat will do with Bitstrips and Bitmoji, but it could add fun and personalized features to the app.

Readers: What do you think Snapchat will do with Bitstrips?

Image courtesy of Bitstrips on Facebook.