EA Bringing SimCity Social To Facebook

By Julie D. Andrews 

Coming 23 years after it established the city-building video game genre in the gaming industry, Electronic Arts announced that it will introduce a new game in its SimCity franchise, SimCity Social, on Facebook, sister blog Inside Social Games reported.

A launch date has not yet been established for the game, which was co-developed by EA Playfish and EA subsidiary Maxis, but beta-testing is underway, EA said during its press conference at E3 2012 Monday.

EA is currently ranked No. 4 in terms of daily average users on Inside Social Games’ Facebook game-developer leader board, and releasing a game in the recognized franchise may help bring the company back to the fore.

Additionally, with a simplified user interface, the social game may attract a larger audience to include both serious and casual gamers alike.

The social feature for city management, whereby players can visit friends’ cities and interact with their settlements, allows users to negatively impact others’ cities. For example, players visiting each other’s cities can strike catastrophic disasters.

If past success is an indicator, EA is in good shape. The Sims Social attracted as many as 11.2 million daily users in its heyday, giving Zynga’s CityVille a run for its money.

More recently, though, traffic has since fallen, leaving some to wonder whether city-building games are a has-been trend of the past.

Readers: How do you think SimCity Social will perform when it debuts on Facebook?

Screen shot courtesy of Inside Social Games.