Should You Be Using Google+? eBay Says Yes

By Neil Vidyarthi 

A post this weekend by the eBay Partner Network ruminated on whether you should be using Google+ to help your online strategy. This is the type of question that’s been floating around the web (and passed along in impromptu games of conference telephone) since the Google network’s inception. The naysayers usually wonder about the point of putting effort into a social network with minimal activity, while the supporter lions advocate the fact that using Google+ can improve your placement on Google search.

Add eBay to the list of supporters.

In the post, Scott Parent, the manager of the eBay Partner Network Blog, points out that the SEO benefits for using Google+ are high, and suggests that eBay vendors and partners use the network to help boost the online presence of their stores. Scott also acclaims Google Docs and the free video capabilities, both of which are immensely useful for small businesses.

Scott points out that the social networking aspect of Google+ is the least useful, which we’ve seen before at our recent social media conference in Toronto. This seems to be the consensus for businesses, and while that may intimidate Google, there’s no doubt that they’ve at least got their names on the tongues of various people and businesses around the web. They may not be using it for social yet, but having more people talk about the network and sign up may put it in a good position as a secondary network for people in case Facebook makes a mistake at some point.