Sheryl Sandberg Heads To Japan To Talk Facebook’s Focus On Asia

By Justin Lafferty 

Although Facebook is still frozen out of China, there is still major growth potential throughout Asia. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is in Japan now speaking about the social network’s plans to grow in the region, which already has 255 million users.

According to Socialbakers, Facebook has roughly 14 million users in Japan. However, Japanese-based social network Mixi has roughly 21 million, most of whom are native to the country. Facebook is continuing to even the playing field in east Asia, though, and Sandberg is in Japan to spread the social network’s message.

According to PC Magazine, Sandberg met with Yoko Komiyama, Japan’s health, labor, and welfare minister, to discuss the site’s organ-donor registration program, which recently launched in Japan and South Korea. She has also spent time with Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son (pictured above), who has been credited with bringing the iPhone to Japan.

Sandberg explained Facebook’s focus to Japanese business journal Nikkei:

Japan is a really important market for us. We have more than 15 million users in this market. Only six months ago, we had 10 million users. It’s an advanced market with very advanced mobile usage.

Readers: Do you think Facebook will be able to overtake Mixi in Asian markets?