Sheryl Sandberg, David Ebersman: No Ads In Facebook Paper In Near Future, No Large Increase In Mobile News Feed Ads

By David Cohen 

GoldmanSachsLogo650Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman used the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco Tuesday night as an opportunity to quell users’ fears about oversaturation of advertising on the social network, saying that Facebook’s recently introduced Paper iOS application will not feature any ads in the near future, and that there will not be a large increase in ads on the mobile News Feed in 2014.

Sandberg said about ads on Paper, as reported by CNNMoney:

When we launch products, we are willing to invest for a long time before we put ads in it. It’s quite easy to see how ads could fit into (Paper) … but there’s no reason for us to do that right now. We’ve so much to do with the current monetizing of current products we have.

And Ebersman said on the topic of mobile News Feed ads, as reported by TechCrunch, that they “continue to perform really well for marketers,” in addition to having “a limited or negligible impact on engagement,” adding that the quantity of those ads will not rise in 2014, and saying that while “the number of ads in the News Feed is an important variable,” Facebook will also experiment with the size and position of ads, concluding, “All of this goes into trying to find the right balance.”

He also said, according to CNNMoney:

If we can get ads that are better-targeted, higher-quality, more relevant, we can bring more value to customers and do so in a way that really contributes to the user experience. Our aspiration here is for the ads to be as engaging as the organic content you find shared by your friends.

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