Facebook Adds ‘Send To Mobile’ Button To App Center

By David Cohen 

Facebook issued an update for developers on its app center, saying that seven of the top-10-grossing applications for Apple iOS devices and five of the top 10 Android apps are integrated with the social network, and perhaps prodding the remaining three and five, respectively, in the process.

Facebook also announced the addition of a “send to mobile” button for users browsing the app center on their computers, which will automatically send Facebook notifications to users’ mobile devices, which will then redirect them to apps or their install pages.

The Facebook developer blog shared more details:

People will be able to access the app center from Facebook’s iOS app, Android app, and m.facebook.com. After someone clicks the install button on your mobile app detail page, they’ll be logged in and redirected to your app.

If someone already installed your native app, we automatically open your app, passing in an access token for the authenticated user. If they haven’t, we immediately show the user the install page in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

When someone installs your mobile Web app, we redirect them to your mobile URL. As a reminder, all mobile web apps need to call “FB.getLoginStatus” and show a personalized experience to be listed in the app center.