SeeMeBecomeFamous Is A Social Network Talent Search

By Kenna McHugh Comment

The Internet has a new social networking entertainment talent site called The site sounds like a small town booking agent, which features music artists and bands, models, dancers, actors, and variety acts. I’d fall under the “variety of acts” if I joined because I am a mother. (SMBF) is calling itself unique in that it’s a social network talent search and fan site designed to create exposure for talent and will soon be the destination spot for the hottest new talent worldwide. Are you listening American Idol and X-Factor?

Other claim-to-fame sites exist as well like Taltopia, Famous2be and National Kidz Star to name a few. Honestly, I don’t see the difference, but perhaps in due time, success will be measured by the success of the members.

SMBF says that entertainers will get a lot more than friends on this site because they’ll get fans. aggregates and connects agents and employers with the up-and-coming talent market. Each member can upload a sample of their music, portfolio and videos in an online entertainment community of aspiring people who seek stardom and fame.

Members will be able to set up their own Facebook-esque photo album and blogs while participating in the forum and chat with their fans. Even special groups can be set up to concentrate on a member’s special interest while they are making and growing fans.

Dale Imbriani and Dan Ketterer, co-founders of SMBF, launched this site when they realized that there were not enough “dedicated” and feature-rich talent search social networks. There are many sites out there, but very few that enable its members to “really” build their fan base while at the same time promoting their talent.

Imbriani and Ketterer feel that for those who think they have what it takes to be famous, the roadblocks are weakened with SMBF. Members can have access to the “right” people while getting an extra boost that is needed for one of them to get that important call, text message or email.