Save The Galaxy With Space Crusaders on Facebook

By Azam Khan Comment

Mad Turtle Media, maker of Mad Turtle Checkers and PlantMe, launched its third game entitled Space Crusaders on Facebook. The social game offers casual 3d interactivity in addition to RPG style gameplay that users on Facebook are most familiar with. More after the jump.

Space Crusader offers three types of missions that players can do to earn XP and virtual currency:


Space missions are short 3D missions where you fly your ship through a Star Way to accomplish a goal.

Movement is controlled by moving the mouse cursor. To shoot enemies move the mouse over the enemy to get a target lock on them, and then click to fire. You can target multiple enemies at once. How many enemies you can target depends on what ship you have, but defaults at three.

Mining missions are short 2D puzzle games much like ‘Collapse’ by PopCap Games that allow you to earn Credits for mining asteroids. The amount of credits you earn from mining missions can be upgraded in the log page, an area where you can keep track of player stats and level up points.

Click any spot where three or more pieces of same colored asteroid touch to clear them out and earn Credits. Do this until there are no more combinations to click.
Planet missions are narrative segments that inform you about the happenings of the local planet in whatever system you are currently in. You get a chance to make a choice which will either create Order in the system or Chaos. This establishes what type of person you are in the system, someone who promotes Peace or someone who wreaks Havoc.
Players can also travel to various systems which are different areas much like cities in Mafia Wars that users can travel to and do system-specific jobs. Each system also has its own subdivisions called districts with their own set of jobs that users can do by clicking the ‘start’ button. Certain jobs also have a unique feature that lets the player make a decision. As seen below, arriving to a place called Himmel prompted me to either pay or rough up an informant, which would affect the fame of your ship and crew.

There is also ship section where users can see the status of their ship and will be able to purchase additional ships in the near future and a shop where players can acquire outfits for their avatars, equipment, robots and ships. Space Crusaders employs a dual currency system comprised of in-game cash and their premium currency called Black Metal. The game seems to be using AdParlor for their offers although the offer wall said ‘we currently have no offers in your area’ when I loaded it because they are most likely working on that area.

There’s plenty of places on the map that encourage players to share their in-game progress with friends such as the time you master a job, finish a mission or level up.The crew is also an important aspect as it will determine how strong you become. You can select specific friends to be part of your crew, similar to the crew section of Gangster City by Playfish. If you don’t have friends, you can always purchase Robots that add +1 to the crew. Soon crew members will need to be fed and taken care of, similar to the mechanic in Restaurant City.

Overall the game is in its infancy and is looking to appeal to a niche audience the way we see many medieval style RPG’s do and we’ll be keeping an eye on Mad Turtle Media to see how they do. MTM was recently started by former AAA developers that have worked on titles like Dj Hero, Circus Games and Spider Man: Web of Shadows.