Report: Half Of Smartphones Access Facebook 24/7

By Julie D. Andrews 

There’s no downtime for Facebook, and when you consider its 900-million-plus monthly average users, more than one-half of which access the social network via mobile devices, this makes sense.

Speaking at a social media panel in Toronto this week, Dave Caputo, chief executive officer of Waterloo, Ontario-based networking equipment company Sandvine, said:

We are finding that 50 percent of smartphones are actually connecting to Facebook every hour of every day. (This is) not surprising when you see Facebook icons on the home pages of most websites.

Are you surprised by that statistic? You probably shouldn’t be? After all, how often do users actually log out of Facebook when using their own mobile devices? In other words, if a user recently accessed Facebook on their smartphone, unless they completely closed out the application or rebooted their device, they are still logged in.

The network data were captured from Sandvine’s more than 200 communications service provider customers and combined in biannual reports known as Global Internet Phenomena, the company said in a release on its site, adding:

Facebook is a highly valued application with predictable data volumes that require a minimum amount of bandwidth. This is the perfect scenario to implement tiered service plans that offer price certainty for subscribers and cost certainty for service providers.

Readers: Did the findings by Sandvine cause you to raise an eyebrow?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.