Samsung Launches “Hunch”: A Social Movie Experience

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Samsung and Digitas launched a social technology program called Hunch that enables movie fans to interact on a microsite as a social movie experience. The catch is that you have to have a Samsung television with the program called The Smart Living Room. The program invites movie viewers to learn more about their friends’ movie interest as well as own, and ultimately create a customized, social movie watching event. The Hunch program is equipped with search, web browser and over 400 apps. That’s a lot of apps for movie watching.

I took a look at the site and found it rather inviting. The program starts off with series of Hunch individuality questions. The Smart Living Room creates a personalized movie recommendation including the genre best suited for the viewer with movie title suggestions. The viewer can then create a movie watching event by inviting friends and family through Facebook or email. As a gimmick, the program utilizes dynamic CG animations to offer the viewer entertainment and surprises throughout the experience.

A Facebook tab on the Samsung Televisions brand page will launch in connection with the microsite, offering another place for visitors to get recommendations with the Hunch technology and to learn more about their TV Profile.

I can see how customizing the movie experience would be beneficial if my family was trying to figure out a movie to watch together on a particular evening. In my own experience, finding a family movie for all us to sit down and watch together is not always an easy proposition. However, the Hunch program may make the selection process more interesting and upbeat.