Sammy Sosa, Denied Access to Baseball Hall of Fame, Now Butt of Internet Joke

By Cameron Scott 

Last night, Sammy Sosa, like all of the other players nominated this year to be included in the baseball hall of fame, was voted down due to his likely use of steroids. In the wake of the news, the sports world has discovered, with morbid fascination, Sosa’s Pinterest page.

The page features a series of amateur, awkwardly staged portraits of Sosa of just two outfits: an ill-fitting suit and a mustard yellow sweater.

All of Sosa’s pins are photos of himself, and the caption on each of the photos is the same, adding to the creepy effect: “Yes, I’m the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest.”

One of the mustard-yellow-sweater portraits is also Sosa’s Twitter photo.

Sosa’s Twitter bio reads suggests that he will launch a new business soon.

“I am the real Sammy Sosa. See personal snaps here of me and my family. I will always love baseball, but now I’m a businessman and entrepreneur. Website up soon!”

That website promises to be supremely awkward.