Salesforce Acquires Clipboard, Will Shut it Down June 30

By Devon Glenn 

Clipboard has been acquired by Salesforce, the company announced today. Following the sale, Clipboard CEO Dr. Gary Flake will join Salesforce as VP of Engineering at the company’s Seattle headquarters. The web clipping service will be discontinued June 30.

See full announcement, addressed to Clipboard users, below:

“We have some bittersweet news. We are extremely happy to announce that has signed an agreement to acquire Clipboard, allowing us to pursue our mission of saving and sharing the Web on a much larger scale. But at the same time we’re also sad to see this stage of our adventure come to an end, especially since it means that our relationship with you, our users, will irreversibly change. The Clipboard service at will be discontinued on June 30, 2013.

But we have your backs. If you want it, all of your data will be preserved into a personal archive from which you can view your clips and boards offline. And if you want your clips destroyed, we can handle that as well. All of the details for what comes next are in the FAQ and some more personal reflections are on our blog.

Members of Clipboard’s engineering and design team will also join salesforce at its Seattle headquarters.

In nearly two years, 140,000 of you created nearly 3 million clips while over a million of you interacted with them. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We will dearly miss seeing all of you on Clipboard, but we hope you’ll support us in the next leg of our journey.

The Clipboard Team”

The terms of the sale were not disclosed.