Reset Facebook Passwords From Your Mobile Device

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Soon you might be able to reset your Facebook password from your mobile device, plus use your handheld to modify or flag content already posted.

Facebook has begun testing this capability, asking users for email addresses to receive password recovery links.

User feedback during this testing will shape how and when Facebook rolls out this capability across the site.

Meanwhile, Facebook has been extending to mobile devices the ability to more easily resolve issues with posts, photos and other content.

This saves users from having to wait until they get to a full-fledged computer in order to modify or flag items.

This is the mobile version of what Facebook calls social reporting, which first started rolling out in March.

Facebook describes the mobile version in a note just posted on the official security page today:

A few months ago we started rolling out Social Reporting, a tool that helps you resolve issues with posts, profiles or other content on the site. If you are reporting something you don’t like, we want to make it easy for you to communicate with the person who posted it. For example, if you don’t like a photo of yourself that someone uploaded, you can use social reporting to ask that person to take it down.

The response to these changes has been great and almost 70% of reported photos get removed by the owner. This is just by facilitating communication between two people without any intervention from Facebook teams. This week we started testing this on and over the coming months we will add social reporting to all mobile devices.

Readers, have you seen any of these capabilities become available on your own mobile device yet?