Report: TV Ads Boost Twitter, Earned Media Engagement for Brands

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment


It may seem that the influence of TV is diminishing in the face of the Internet, but television still manages to have big impact. Users engage with their favorite shows more because of the presence of social media and a report from Nielsen demonstrates how impactful a TV ad campaign can be on earned media for brands.

Nielsen analyzed interactions during and after two marketing campaigns, one for a personal care brand, the other for an automotive manufacturer.

The personal care brand ran 84 ads across 24 days of the 2014-2015 season of a professional sport league. These ads were placed in 38 games on one broadcast and two cable networks. On average, more than 76,000 authors posted Tweets about each game. We already know that sporting events generate a lot of interaction, and Nielsen’s data shows that translates into brand activity surrounding advertisements.

Across the dates in question, fans who were tweeting about the games sent 165 percent more tweets about the brand, compared to activity before the campaign began. A control group that wasn’t watching the games tweeted 72 percent more about the brand thanks to the campaign.

However the sports fans generated 779 percent higher brand related activity during an exhibition game, compared to 84 percent of non fans. Nielsen found that 77 percent of sports fans tweeting the brand that day also mentioned the commercials aired, showing that TV can do a lot for brand awareness.

The automotive campaign ran for two weeks from April to May of last year during a drama series. Ads were featured during program breaks, and the main character drove a car from the same manufacturer during the show. Brand tweets from users watching the final three episodes increased by 352 percent on average. Users not familiar with the show actually showed a 13 percent decline in brand activity

Any robust advertising campaign should attempt to integrate marketing messages across channels, and no marketer should discount TV too soon.