RelayRides, AppHero, and a Library Inside a Walmart [Podcast]

By Devon Glenn 

On today’s Morning Media Menu (MP3 link), Galley Cat editor Jason Boog discussed ways to keep it simple with a site that lets you rent out your car to your neighbors, a new tool for sifting through the variety of apps on Facebook, and an old Walmart that’s been converted into a library.

RelayRides is making the rounds in the blogosphere for connecting drivers with cars for rent in their area. The spin is that these cars aren’t from a rental company: they belong to regular people who don’t drive them every day and want to make a little extra cash. We talked about the car culture in California and how that translates in other states where people rely more on public transportation.

We also considered the time-saving potential of AppHero, a recommendation engine for Facebook apps that just raised $1.8 million to expand its service. The app space could use a hero. As Boog pointed out in the podcast, keyword searches aren’t very helpful in picking an app.

Finally, someone has figured out what to do with all those brick-and-mortar stores that are closing their doors thanks to Internet retail sites. MS&R Architecture in McAllen, Texas has designed a public library to occupy an abandoned Walmart. The discount retailer is all about keeping its customers comfortable with in-store fast food chains and free RV parking — we’re sure Walmart would approve of this one.

The show was hosted by GalleyCat editor Jason Boog. Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Image by prapass via Shutterstock. Music by Kevin MacLeod.