Facebook App Refer.me Connects Users To Friends’ Referrals

By Justin Lafferty 

So you’re looking for a trustworthy mechanic, a fun place to watch the game, or just want to get advice from friends? Refer.me, built on the Facebook platform, hopes to solve those problems. The application, launched at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF conference, connects Facebook users with referrals from their friends in a visually striking yet informative way.

Refer.me was started by David Beatty and Andrew Primrose, who wanted to reimagine the referral process. They knew that recommendations from friends and people that users know personally carry a little more weight, so they wanted to design something that would focus on those kinds of connections.

Beatty and Primrose know that there are several review and referral sites, but with Refer.me, they wanted to cut through the noise and connect users with the places, foods, and services that their friends already know and love.

Primrose explained the motivation behind Refer.me to AllFacebook:

We both found that we trust information that comes from referrals, and that’s a useful feature. None of the existing communication channels is designed for referrals. We wanted to have a platform that is totally for referrals, but totally horizontal, so you can refer products, places, people, businesses — anything at all. We wanted to be able to connect with existing networks — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus — so you can ask people you already know.

When a user signs up, they can search for places to refer to friends or simply save it to a collection. Using Facebook’s open graph, referrals and questions asked are posted to the users’ news feed:

Readers: Do you think Refer.me is a pretty cool idea?