Red Bull Plays Ball With Facebook Places In San Francisco

By Caitlin Fitzsimmons Comment

San Francisco Giants player Tim Lincecum and his sponsor Red Bull are using Facebook Places in a new promotion on the streets of San Francisco.

The scavenger hunt has already been running for a few days and there are today and Thursday left to go. The idea is that autographed Red Bull baseballs have been dropped across the city – one for each of the 11 strikeouts Tim pitched. A picture of each baseball has been uploaded at a specific location and the first fan to arrive and check-in there using Facebook Places with the password “San Francisco’s Got Wings” wins the baseball.

Fans unable to participate in the scavenger hunt can enter Tim’s “October Heat” Facebook photo contest instead for a chance to win a signed baseball. The photos are meant to demonstrate what they’re doing to help Tim and the Giants make the playoffs and win – whether it’s rally caps, crazy outfits, superstitions, cheers, antics at the game, or something else. Over 300 fans have entered the photo in the past four days and the winners will be determined by the most fan votes, the judges’ choices and a random element.

There have been a number of interesting marketing uses of Places, since Facebook launched the location check-in service in August. The University of Kentucky was one of the first, running a campaign to encourage students to check in to help market the college to their high school friends. Since the UK launch a few weeks ago, English musician James Blunt used Places at his album launch in London.