Rebecca Van Dyck, Scott Trattner Explain Facebook’s ‘Where Will Your Friends Take You?’ Campaign

By David Cohen 

YouNeverKnowWhosIn650Facebook users: Have you noticed ads on Facebook promoting Facebook itself? Facebook Head of Brand Marketing Rebecca Van Dyck and Executive Creative Director Scott Trattner spoke with Cotton Delo of Ad Age about the campaign.

The two executives of the social network told Delo the “Where Will Your Friends Take You?” campaign, which launched in the U.S. in January, is exclusively made up of Facebook ads, save for one television spot on Mother’s Day, and it consists of photos and videos that appear in users’ News Feeds, labeled as sponsored.

Trattner said in describing the motivation behind the “Where Will Your Friends Take You?” campaign:

When I came in, one of the questions we were asking ourselves (was), “People understand Facebook as a product pretty well, but do they understand it as a brand?” And I think when we started asking those questions, we weren’t really sure if people knew what we stood for. We know that this is a great product to connect people, and it started out as something connecting college students, and now we’re attempting to connect the world. (And) we came onto this notion about friendship. So we’re really going at this basic idea — just to let people know we stand for friends.

And Van Dyck told Delo:

Unlike a normal campaign, which would be like a six-week burst, we definitely feel like this is the start of a conversation we’re having with our community, so we’re in it for the long haul, and there are a lot of facets of friendship we can go in, so we actually don’t have an end period for this. We’re just going to take it and explore where it takes us.

There’s a little science behind the madness. In order to create an effective measurement result, we need some consistency so we can compare between time periods. So we are roughly looking at about one video per week and two static posts, so three per week.

As it relates to when to use television and when not to, I think we’re more interested in the idea of what are those cultural moments that are really great days on Facebook. Mother’s Day is one of them. That might be something we want to go a little bit louder with.

Readers: What do you think of Facebook’s “Where Will Your Friends Take You?” campaign?