Quora Will Host Blogs

By Cameron Scott 

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Artush / Shutterstock.com

The question-and-answer platform Quora will leverage its extensive set of topics to host blogs, the company said today.

The company says active question answerers average some 30,000 monthly views on the platform. Questions and answers are already categorized by topic, and writers who move into blogging will use the same 300,000 topics to categorize their blogs.

“We have a built-in audience for just about any topic you write about,” wrote engineer Kah Keng Tay on the company’s blog.

“Blogs on Quora are great for people who … don’t want to do the time-intensive, heavy lifting of marketing their blog and slowly building an audience,” Tay wrote.

Quora’s aim to help promote content for bloggers puts it in competition with Medium, Twitter co-founder Ev William’s current project. Medium has generated a lot of buzz but has yet to launch.

Some Quora users were already tapping its Boards feature to generate their own content outside the question-and-answer format. All boards have therefore been converted to blogs, Quora said.

To better support writers crafting their own content, Quora’s next iOS app release will include a new set of tools to make writing in HTML easier on the mobile phones. Updates for iOS and Android released today include the blogs feature.

In a December message to users, CEO Adam D’Angelo indicated that Quora would expand beyond questions and answers.