Bank Of America, Barclays UK Are Rich With Facebook Fans

By Justin Lafferty 

Many banks are turning to Facebook as a way to reach out to their customers. New statistics by Quintly (formerly AllFacebook Stats) show that Bank of America leads the pack in this regard, with more Facebook fans than any other financial institution.

Banks on Facebook, ranked by number of Facebook fans:

  1. Bank of America, 788,897
  2. Citigroup, 466,195
  3. BNP Paribas, 229,111
  4. Barclays, 90,810
  5. Crédit Agricole, 76,970
  6. Banco Santander, 63,523
  7. Deutsche Bank, 29,887
  8. Royal Bank of Scotland, 9,519
  9. HSBC Bank, 1,379
  10. ING Group, 1,189

However, the gross number of fans doesn’t tell the whole story. Quintly took a look at the way the fan counts for these pages have changes throughout January:

The chart shows that Barclays (represented by the blue line) has actually been one of the fastest-growing banks on Facebook, posting the highest one-day growth.

But as we all know, the sheer number of fans doesn’t matter as much as how they’re reacting to the page. Quintly also put together a graph showing the people talking about this metric:

Quintly’s Max Jochemich elaborated on how despite not having the same following as Bank of America, Barclays UK has found success on Facebook:

When we now check the key metric radar chart, we can see that despite the high fan appreciation, Bank of America got a quite low fan-growth rate. In this category, the winner is Barclays.

A visually very interesting analysis is the own post chart, which shows the number of posts that each of the banks published in the analyzed period. Here we have a head-to-head race between Banco Santander (Spain) and Bank of America. One institution that has diminished steadily in recent times is Barclays.

Readers: Do you like your bank on Facebook?