Facebook Launches Test Of Promoted Posts For U.S. Users With Fewer Than 5K Friends/Subscribers

By David Cohen 

What can $7 buy these days? If you’re a Facebook user in the U.S. with fewer than 5,000 friends and subscribers, $7 can buy you a promoted post, as the social network officially announced the launch of a test of the feature.

Facebook introduced the feature in New Zealand in May, originally calling it highlighting, and after adding it in more than 20 other countries, it is finally available in the U.S.

Promoted posts allow users to improve the news feed rankings of their posts, ensuring that more of their friends and subscribers see the post.

The social network did not specify the cost of promoted posts in its announcement, but a spokesperson told The Verge they will start off at around $7.

Facebook said in its announcement of the test:

Every day, news feed delivers your posts to your friends. Sometimes a particular friend might not notice your post, especially if a lot of their friends have been posting recently and your story isn’t near the top of their feed.

When you promote a post — whether it’s wedding photos, a garage sale, or big news — you bump it higher in news feed so your friends and subscribers are more likely to notice it.

When you promote a post, you can see how many more of your friends noticed it.

Businesses can already promote posts from their business pages on Facebook, which is a separate product that launched in May.

Readers: What type of content would you spend $7 to promote?

$7 image courtesy of Shutterstock.