Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers Manager Adam Gerston Joins Shift

By David Cohen 

Adam Gerston, one of the leaders of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers program, became the latest high-profile executive to leave the social network, and he will join Shift as vice president of strategic partnerships.

Gerston had been with Facebook since 2010, telling Business Insider the Preferred Marketing Developers group totaled two people when he started at the social network, and it is now made up of 20 managers, handling 25 percent of the company’s ad clients.

Speaking about his departure from Facebook, Gerston told Business Insider:

I was on the four-year vesting schedule, and the other year-and-a half I had to lose. That was a hard thing to walk away from. (Shift made) a proposition so huge that it was well worth leaving that stock on the table.

The conservative thing to do obviously would have been to stay at Facebook. I would be foolish to pass up on it. I think we have the opportunity to change the way people do business.

As for Shift, the GraphEffect social marketing application is now fully integrated within the Shift platform, with other components including:

  • Lettuce (order-management software)
  • Gradient X (demand-side platform for mobile buying)
  • HYFN (social and mobile application development)
  • Kenshoo (search engine, social media, and local marketing)
  • The Resumator (recruiting software)

Shift said third-party developers can now leverage its open application-programming interfaces and integrate their own apps, resulting in workplace-collaboration tools that allow users to chat, share documents, and manage and follow projects.

Gerston’s role will be overseeing developer relations for Shift’s platform API program, including building out a developer ecosystem, and selling leading brands and agencies on the platform. He said in a press release:

Shift completely reinvents the way enterprises and their teams work together. I’m thrilled that we’re launching this incredible platform with the support of several key alpha partners, and I’m looking forward to working with leading developers to make their applications more collaborative by integrating with Shift.

CEO James Borow added:

Adam’s addition to the executive team is a pivotal moment for the company. We could not imagine a better person to build out our developer program than someone who was so instrumental in encouraging developers to build businesses on top of Facebook’s platform.

Here is the updated list of high-level executives who have left Facebook since its May 18 initial public offering (http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/ipo-first-trading-day_b89417):