10 Hilarious Prank Videos On YouTube

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Tricks, pranks and general tomfoolery are among the most viral topics on YouTube. Over recent weeks a number of great pranks have hit the web, inspiring us to put together a list of ten hilarious prank videos on YouTube.

From freaking people out to making people make fools of themselves, these are some of the best pranks we’ve seen. Check them all out below and let us know what you think in the comments. Have you ever been pranked or pranked someone else? Tell us about that too!

Museum Prank – King Philip IV

Popular prankster group Improv Everywhere just released their latest prank and it’s definitely one of the most original we’ve seen. Founder Charlie Todd headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a guy who looks exactly like King Philip IV of Spain and staged an autograph signing next to the portrait of the King (which just so happens to be a 400-year old portrait). Museum-goers sure are gullible. He looks great for being 400-years old, doesn’t he?

The Test Of Fear – Girl In Hotel Corridor

What would you do if you walked into a hallway to find a little girl, all done up like the creepy little girl from ‘The Ring’? The prank starts around 0:30.


One of our favorite YouTube pranksters, Jack Vale, has random people saying gibberish sentences in stores, telling them they are “passwords” from the radio and if they say them they’ll get a discount. Jelly fudge with a pop knot! Jelly fudge with a pop knot!

Gorilla Scare Prank Catches NFL Prospects Off Guard

This funny prank on a group of NFL prospects went viral last month. If any of these prospects make it to the big time this video might come back to haunt them!

Funny Street Prank With A Fake Snowman

This video hit the internet last month as well. How would you react if you were walking down the street and a snowman came to life and surprised you?

Prank On A Belgian Call Center

Don’t you hate when you make a service call only to be put through a confusing selection menu followed by a huge wait time with horrible hold music? These guys put a huge container outside of a Belgian call center with a number on the outside. They were inside the container waiting to answer the call and give the call center a taste of their own medicine!

Funniest Prank In History

With over 32 million YouTube views, this really may be the funniest prank in history. A guy surprises people who are sitting on a park bench with…a stuffed skunk?

Head in the toilet prank

This is one of my worst nightmares! I try not to go into Port-a-Potties in the first place, but if a head popped out of the toilet I don’t know what I’d do! This is one of the most popular prank videos on YouTube, with over 21 million views.

Elmo Prank Call

Ever wondered what would happen if Elmo prank called a pharmacist? No? Well, YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaster shows us in this video, which has been viewed over 6 million times.

Drive-Thru Pranks

Ed Bassmaster is also known for his Drive-Thru pranks. Here’s a drive-thru prank compilation that’s been viewed over 6 million times. If you like it, be sure to check out our list of the Top 10 Drive Thru Pranks On YouTube.