Facebook Adds Post Scheduling For Pages

By David Cohen 

Facebook added a feature for page administrators that had been available via third-party tools such as Buffer, allowing them to schedule posts in advance.

The social network said posts can be scheduled up to six months in advance, in 15-minute intervals. Facebook’s instructions on how to schedule posts were as follows:

  • Go to the page’s sharing tool.
  • Choose the type of post.
  • Click the clock icon in the lower left-hand corner of the sharing tool.
  • Select the year, month, day, hour, and minute. All times correspond to the time zone the user is in at the time of this action.
  • Click schedule.

In addition, page admins can back-date content by choosing dates in the past, at which point their posts will immediately appear in the appropriate time and date on the page’s timeline.

All scheduled posts are visible on pages’ activity logs.

Thank you to Blink Vice President of Media Eti Suruzon for the tip and screen grabs.